Let me preface this post with this: social media is not always a bad thing. Sometimes it’s a really great thing! It’s probably how you found this blog, it’s how I have any readers at all, it’s how I know my best friend in Florida just graduated culinary school with Honors. Social Media has enabled a very large world to be connected and I think God loves to see His vast creation in community with one another.

But like all good things that God creates, when man gets a hold of it, our sinfulness permeates the good and turns it into something it was never intended to be. That’s my story with social media. The very thing that has so much opportunity to encourage me was also the thing that brought so much distraction, self-loathing, envy and frustration. It became my god and I could not pull away. After many months of “giving up social media” by removing the apps from my iPhone, just to load them back on two days later, I quickly realized these were temporary band-aids for the greater wound that was festering in my heart. I needed to give it up fully to create emptiness in my life. That’s often where God does His best work – in our emptiness. I desired to stop filling up that empty time in my day & the empty space in my brain with what the world had to offer and allow for God to do His work within.

God often does His best work in our emptiness.

Taking a break from social media has been beyond refreshing to my mind and my soul. It’s given me space to sit before the Lord and be truly filled to the brim. It has renewed in me in ways I had hoped for and far more in ways unexpected. This is definitely a season of life where God is asking for more of my trust and more of my time – two things I have discovered that I most unwilling to give Him. And yet the deep conviction within me stands. This time in my life commands that I give up the thing that pulls me farthest from Jesus.

So I said farewell to social media in a true effort to embrace this calling, rather than resist the pruning shears of my Creator. As I still remain logged off, I am so thankful for the ability to continue to share more of what God’s been teaching me and re-establishing in my heart, here in this space. He gives and He takes away, but always with intention and purpose.

What is it in your life that you can feel God asking you to release into His hands? That thing that you have transformed into a god that you can’t seem to pull away from. Can I encourage you to search yourself and consider taking the steps to truly let it go? Create some emptiness in your life so that God has the opportunity to sweep in and fill those spaces with Life.

One thought on “Fasting From Social Media

  1. Cassie you are a beautiful person inside and out. Remember all things are possible through Christ our Lord. Love you


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