The Lord, my God, He hears when I call out. He hears and He comforts. All the while, He already knows what’s ahead for me. But He joins me in the anxiety and the waiting and the fear and He supplies all that I need.

There are so many times in my life where I can look back and see the fingerprints of God all over my life. I can see where He was moving and shaking, gently guiding things into my path and removing others. Times where He held something back so that it was presented at just the right time and countless times where I cried out that I had been forgotten in His grand plans and He just smiled and hugged tighter.

What I have learned is to really tune my ears to what God responds with when I cry out to Him:

“I AM the Lord Your God and I hear you when you call.”

The irony is, I wrote the above portion of this post back on May 28, 2015.

I was passing through a season of waiting and battling deep anxiety.

Three days later the Lord answered so many prayers in the most profound way… and immediately the blessings pushed out the anxiety and my cries to not be forgotten. The blog post was never finished and never returned to again. Funny how I run out of words for this space when things are going well; when my reliance on Jesus is not as strong.

I opened back up this webpage today out of a need for an outlet for newfound anxiety and pain. A little wound that has never quite healed, no matter how deeply I want to feel grace, grant grace, live and breathe deeply in that grace.

And I read my own words above and felt comfort. I’ve been here before. Many, many times before. And the reality is – I’ll be here again. I’ll never stop needing Jesus.

Today I needed to preach to myself this Truth about my Lord. Maybe you needed to do the same? Oh Cassie child of the Most High God, remember who you are and whose you are. Remember God smiles and hugs and feels with you the whole way through, all the while knowing what is to come for you. Stop questioning His motives and plans. You may cry out in confusion and sadness and pain, but never question.

Stop. And listen. And hear His mighty response – His declaration over your life:

“I AM the Lord Your God and I hear you when you call.”

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