Here for the courage. Here for the growth. Here for the fun. Here for it all.

I’m passionate about health and clean living, but I’m not trying to be a wellness blogger. I’m passionate about exercise, but I’m not a fitness influencer. I’m passionate about Jesus and speaking to others about His Truth, but I’m not pursuing being a bible study author. I’m passionate about people, their stories, their communities, their hurts, hang-ups, and victories, but I’m not trying to be a self-help counselor.

I’m an #allthethings kind of writer because I’m an #allthethings kind of girl. And my complex, intricate & passionate heart cannot be put into just one box. So I’m not trying to! I can’t guarantee exactly which subject you’re going to get when you tune in to this space on any given day. What I can promise is that you’ll find encouragement, honesty, insight, and hopefully a loving kick in the pants. My heart is to motivate you to stop falling asleep to your life and encourage you to a life that you’re not only proud of, but that you love. 

I want to be your hype girl because that’s what hypes me up.


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