2018 has been a big year for me in regards to personal growth and self-development. October 1, 2017, I turned a corner and determined to start fighting for joy, health, contentment, and freedom from fear, anxiety, and depression. January 1, 2018, I was committed to seeking change and come May 2018, I was in a different job, we had purchased our condo, I was returning to feeling like myself and I was eager in pursuing my dreams. Facing the approach of October 1, 2018 — a full year later — I’m sitting with a sense of peace and groundedness like never before.

In this new season of accepting, knowing and learning myself, the biggest concept I’ve been implementing has been the power of moving. Whether it’s forward or backward, movement is key. Only when you’re moving will you see any progress. Standing still is a sure fire way to get nowhere.

The thing is, getting moving is often one of the hardest things to do. But friends, hard things are often times essential things! So today I’m dropping three reasons why I believe that movement is key to motivating yourself and seeing any progress on your passion projects, dreams, and goals.

Reason to Move #1: If you have a good idea, you better act. Speak up, be bold and share your vision into the world. Don’t stall out of worry of what others will think. Action is rewarded. If you constantly hold back out of fear of what others will think, someone else will eventually come to the same conclusion you have, share it in the world and be rewarded for the brilliant idea. You know what is frustrating? Watching others churn out successful, forward-moving content while you struggle to get started. You know what is tragic? Watching someone else launch a brilliant concept or idea into the world that advances their goals when you had that idea first. Once it’s in the world, no one will care that you had it in your brain first. Even if it turns out to be a foolish idea or effort, at least you tried! I’m sure that people rolled their eyes and laughed when Walt Disney, Mark Zuckerberg and Sara Blakely of Spanx first launched their ideas into the world.

Reason to Move #2: Practice makes perfect. This is cliche as can be, but get comfortable with the cliche, friends, because it is the truth. Practice makes perfect. If you and I constantly wait to ship our ideas into the world until everything is figured out and flawless, we will never get started. Never. As one of my favorite authors Seth Godin says, “Ship it, then fix it.” How will you know how to improve other than receiving feedback on your shipped product? No one can provide feedback, good or bad, on something that they haven’t seen. Posting/editing images on Instagram and sharing videos on IG stories and IG TV is anxiety-driving for me. I honestly hate it. But the more I do it, the more comfortable I get with it and the more I learn. Ship it, then fix it, friends. It is the only way to make progress.

Reason to Move #3: No one is thinking about you as much as you are thinking about you. The number one reason I did absolutely nothing to launch my dreams into the world was that I was afraid of what others would think. For example, I knew that high-quality images of myself on my Instagram feed would significantly increase my followers and improve my reach. But I was afraid others would think I was vain for 1) asking for photos of myself and 2) posting so much of my own face. I also knew that my quality of life would improve and my brand would be more consistent if I switched my Instagram account to a business profile so I could set my content to automatically post. But I was afraid that others would think I was prideful. Eventually, I had to give myself a major pep talk, turn up some empowering music and follow through on what I know I had to do. I pressed publish and you know what? I haven’t heard from the anticipated haters, but I have seen positive results towards my goals. It is not easy and it takes time to condition our brains to stop worrying about feedback from others, but it is so freeing to get beyond that worry.

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