I feel glorious, glorious
Got a chance to start again
I was born for this, born for this
It’s who I am, how could I forget?
I made it through the darkest part of the night
And now I see the sunrise
Now I feel glorious, glorious
I feel glorious, glorious.


“What makes you glorious?”

For months our pastor walked my husband and myself through counseling, and often he would turn and stare me straight in the eyes as he asked that question. And for months I would squirm in my seat and want to die inside at the consideration of providing an answer.

How prideful? How foolish? Doesn’t he realize I’m not perfect? How could I possibly be considered glorious?

If you squirmed at considering the answer to that question for yourself, friend, I get you. It can feel uncomfortable, unnerving, un-Christlike to think so highly of ourselves, to consider our sinful selves as glorious. It has taken me months of counseling, receiving wisdom, and practicing self-love, self-motivation, and self-awareness to finally be able to stand up underneath that question. To consider it. To answer it. To own it.

I have many passions, and I know that God wired me in a unique way, but zeroing in on even one of those passions, talents or quirks never felt quite right. I so easily would look to my right or to my left and would get discouraged, comparing myself against others who could clearly articulate what they were passionate about, what their strengths were and what they dreamed of pursuing down the road.

For the majority of my life, I felt like this was only a “me problem.” But vulnerability begets vulnerability and I have recently learned through getting vulnerable with others that I am not alone in this. Maybe this is you? You compare yourself against others, seeing so clearly their glorious parts, their success, their talent, their radiance. And you accept the lie that I, too, was taking for Truth. I can’t be glorious. But you know what? If we were made in God’s image, and we are, then sister, yes we can.

W E  A R E  G L O R I O U S.

God glories in our gifts and we glorify Him when we own them, use them, and give them away! So in the heart of going first down the vulnerable and uncomfortable road, I’m starting to own my own gifts here.

My physical and mental strength and energy.

My ability to run hard and far.

The words God gives me, in conversation or prayer.

My ability to deeply empathize, encourage and see the gifts in others.

This is what makes me glorious. I know it. And now, I’m finally starting to own it.

So I’m going to swallow deep, step forward and unapologetically claim my space. I want to be a hype woman for others, through my words, through my actions, and through my vulnerability, and I believe that the Lord has given me unique gifts and talents to do so. I’m speaking not only about my dreams but my strengths, to the world. And it’s neither wrong nor dirty to do so. It is brave. And it is for the sole purpose of honoring and glorifying my God and His unique design and Kingdom purpose for me.

So what about you, friend? Let’s get a little uncomfortable and start to share the ways you are unique, strong and gifted. You have permission to take up some space with being exactly how you are! So let’s go there. Turn on some Macklemore, get quiet before the Lord and get vulnerable with your people. Dig deep into what makes you who you are and speak it into the world.

Y O U  A R E  G L O R I O U S.
Now own it.

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