At a dinner with friends I was thoughtfully asked the question “How have you seen Jesus this year?” And one word immediately popped into my mind.


Jesus has shown me himself as Jehovah-Jireh in the most tangible and real of ways. And has done so in a year where by the merit of “works” I’ve greatly failed. And that’s the beauty I’m learning from 2019 — He is good, faithful, merciful and kind even when I am not spending time with Him, serving others or faithfully reading my Bible or attending church. In an overview of this past year, I didn’t check off the boxes more than I did.

And yet. God answered. He moved in big ways in the lives of those I love and have been praying over. He provided more time at home with my baby girl due to circumstances I could never have predicted — or asked for, truly. And in the process of not checking off boxes, He led me beside still waters and laid out wide spaces for me to breath deep and find rest.

Not rest in the “I’m sleeping 8+ hours a night” kind of rest… because #newborn life, I am not sleeping that much at night. But the type of soul-rest that goes beyond understanding and that only He can give. It’s good. So very good, friends.

I love choosing words at the start of each year to preach and prophesy over the year to come. But this year, I think I’m claiming a second, as an ebeneezer stone for what the Lord has done. For 2019, I claimed abide as prophesy. And I’m ending it proclaiming provision. The Lord my God is my provider. Now and forever.

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