2019 was the year I did it… I finally purchased a Kindle. For the past three years, all year long I would tell myself that the next time Kindles went on sale (i.e. Prime Day & Black Friday) I would purchase one. And then those days would come, I would convince myself I didn’t want to spend the money on it or that I liked the physical books more and I would pass. Then I would spend the rest of the year wishing I would have purchased it. You get the idea. But this Black Friday came and at 11:55pm I decided to pull the trigger while my baby slept in my arms and I found myself mindlessly scrolling on my phone.

And let me tell you, the Kindle has been the BEST decision ever. In a little over a month I have finished three books! Which I feel incredibly proud of given the fact that I’m now back to work full-time and have a newborn and husband at home.

So as we start off into 2020, I’ve got my sights set on 12 books that I hope to read, in no particular order. I adore fiction — specifically mysteries from Mary Higgins Clark and John Grisham — and those are what I often enjoy reading the most, but I hope to complete one non-fiction book every month or so to expand on some topics that are relevant to me this year. Take a look at what I’m hoping to tackle below!

Two resources that helped inform my non-fiction book choices — (1) The Nancy Ray Book Club and (2) this new season of motherhood. I’m looking forward to 2020 to continue to learn how to mother and parent our little girl, simplify in order to not feel so overwhelmed as a working momma, and restore closeness with the Lord through establishing a routine that starts and ends with Him. There is also a book for work that I’ve been asked to read, along with a career self-development one that I’ve added to round out the list.

AND, if you’re looking for some non-fiction book recommendations as you start a 2020 reading list of your own, here are some of my very favorite titles from the past decade.

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