Month 1

  • Your first month was a crazy one. We came home from the hospital on a Friday and by Sunday, your momma couldn’t hold you or pick you up due to pain from the car accident, your daddy came down with a pretty nasty sinus infection and we heavily relied on both of your grandmas to help us with you 24/7.
  • Colic set in right at 11 days. Your daddy and I were in denial at first and if it wasn’t for your Moni, I don’t know if we would have survived those first weeks.
  • You jumped up to 3 month clothing so quickly we barely had time to blink! We dress you in a white long-sleeve onesie underneath your clothes nearly every day (1) to keep you warm and (2) to help your little belly and arms fill out clothes that you wear for the length.
  • You didn’t like to sleep much (we blame the colic) and the only ways to calm you down and get you to sleep at night (really the bitter hours of the morning) would be to constantly bounce on mommy’s birth ball while listening to Great Is My Peace on repeat. We listened to that song alot.
  • You adore your changing pad and having your diaper changed. Basically anytime you get to be naked. In your worst screaming fits, laying you out on your changing table and taking off your pants works every single time.
  • You had so many visitors your first month of life and so many people excited to celebrate and meet you. I hope you will always recognize the role that biblical-community plays in your mommy and daddy’s lives and that you treasure it as well.

Month 2

  • You are a girl of strong preference. We once went for a walk at the arboretum with Aunt Sam & Teddy and you were incredibly fussy in your carseat. So momma pulled out the bassinet attachment and while you usually love to layout and not be held, you refused to lay down in your bassinet stroller and wanted to be worn in the Solly Wrap. So momma ended up pushing an empty stroller the whole 2+ miles of the walk while you slept snuggly against my chest.
  • You got your first round of shots this month and mommy did much better than she expected. Honestly, your daddy and I have experienced much worse crying with your colic and in this case, you had every right to be mad. But some instant nursing and quick cuddles afterwards soothed you right away.
  • You love your purple thermal blankets and love having them cover your face when falling asleep.
  • You started to find your voice and coo along when mommy sings to you. It’s pretty much the best thing ever.
  • You love looking at the red bird on the bouncy seat at Moni’s and chatter and stare at it constantly.
  • You adore bath time. The Blooming Bath Lotus has become our best friend and you especially love when we play Under the Sea while we get the water warm. You know that it is your bath song and immediately perk up.
  • You dressed up as Minnie Mouse for your very first Halloween. The day didn’t go quite as planned, but we still made sweet memories and loved experiencing one of your big “firsts”.

Month 3

  • You’re wearing 6-9 month clothing already and I feel so proud of how well you are growing and gaining weight and just a little sad that you’re only getting to wear some of your sweet outfits one (or none) time.
  • This was the month you finally outgrew colic and immediately started sleeping like a champ. The day before Thanksgiving (your 11 weeks) was by far your hardest yet, but once you went to sleep that night you slept for almost 24 hours straight, only waking to nurse and be changed. From that point on, you have truly been a different baby.
  • You found your hands at the end of this month and now love to grab them, look at them and stuff them in your mouth.
  • We think that little teeth are working their way down, as you now drool all the time and everything your little fist can grab goes straight to your mouth.
  • You are starting to show a little preference to mom, which has actually done wonders for this momma’s heart as I headed back to work this month. I do love the work I get to do, but man do I miss you desperately.
  • Baby’s First Christmas was so much fun! We captured the sweet moments from the day and mommy made sure to compile it into a video before the week was over.
  • You got to meet one set of great-grandparents the weekend before Christmas and it was beyond precious to see your CeCe show you off to her mom and dad.
  • You still hate putting on clothes. Specifically getting your arms through any type of sleeve or having to wear hats on your head. You don’t fight mommy on the bows, though, so we’ve got that going for us.
  • You’ve started this high-pitched squealing to let us know when you are not happy and would like to be doing something else or positioned a different way. You are quite opinionated and are definitely a girl who knows what she wants.
  • You are growing more and more into your name daily. And while it pushes me deep into prayer for your Daddy and I to know how to foster and lead your strong personality well, I am thrilled. I prayed for this — this fire and passion and strong-will. And so we will nurture it lovingly, to the best of our ability and with the help of the Lord, baby girl.

Life with you is great joy, Reesie Girl. You have such a big personality and it is impossible not to love every minute of it. Your big brown eyes melt us all and your little voice — whether shrieking or singing — is truly the sweetest sound. We love you and your feisty spirit. May you continue to grow in strength and sweetness, baby girl.

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