The past two weeks have been particularly tough ones for my momma heart as I’ve left my girl each day to go to work. The weekends go too fast and the evenings feel like a whirlwind from the moment I walk in the door until I lay my baby down to sleep. I know God has called me to be Nathan’s wife & Reese’s mommy and I know He has called me to my job. But this week has felt heavy and lonely as I buckled under big feelings.

A fellow momma who leaves her babies and heads to work each day slid into my DMs with a thoughtful check-in and as we exchanged back and forth with how I was holding up to the pressures and guilt and loneliness, she said something so profound it instantly brought me to tears.

I know everyone has a different role in the kingdom so I can’t compare.”

That. A million times that. She was right — it’s okay to miss my baby and it is okay to recognize that I can’t do this in my own strength. It’s okay that I drop off my girl & go to work and it’s okay that many of my best friends have daytime hours during the week with their kiddos. All of it is good and holy and gosh darn hard.

I was starting to spiral into a pity party for myself and comparing my calling to others. But God, in His rich mercy, has greater designs for the Kingdom AS A WHOLE. It may feel like it’s all about me, but it’s not. He is loving and gentle and kind towards me, oh a million times over! But we are all called to our own roles. So as my girl Moana says “maybe I can roll with mine.”

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