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Hi, I’m Cassie!

Believer, wife, momma, friend.

Enneagram 1 working hard to tame my inner critic.

Some things you may be interested to know about me:

  • I started blogging 10 years ago. My blog has had 5+ names, been hosted on several different platforms, and been re-designed more times than I can count but it has always been a place I enjoy coming back to time and time again.
  • Writing is my way of processing. I’m a verbal processor but am also incredibly private, which means I often verbally process in the lines of my journal as I try to make sense of the metaphors for Heaven and God’s kingdom and His work in the world, that the Lord downloads to me in that quiet time together.
  • I love talking about the Enneagram and how, as a tool wielded correctly, it is a powerful way to know and love yourself and your people better.
  • My husband is an Enneagram 8, which is the Challenger. Really all you need to know about that is, as a team, we’re a force to be reckoned with, but we also happen to be two of the most stubborn personalities you’ll ever meet. Good thing we prefer to work as a team. My prayer is that the Lord uses our partnership as a way to make His Kingdom known.
  • I used to be ashamed of my wiring and spiritual gifts. In 2018, the Lord finally broke through the negative voices in my head and helped me not only understand how I’m wired but also really love my strengths and embrace my weaknesses. I’m still learning how to press into the gifts He has given me to use for His good and glory.
  • I am fascinated with pregnancy and birth. I desired and planned for an unmedicated birth, but a traumatic car accident changed up our plans. Read our crazy birth story here; I talk about my incredible birth team of midwives and doula here; and about our decision to keep our baby’s gender a surprise here. (Spoiler alert: she was the most epic surprise ever!)
  • We name babies with intentionality. If you’re interested in why Reese is named what she is and how the Lord gave me a vision for her name, read here.
  • I love to run. While I’m not always consistent, I have been able to challenge myself to be able to train for two half-marathons and a full marathon. While I take breaks, running is hands down the way I experience and hear the Lord the most.