In case you haven’t caught on quite yet, I have a fair amount of energy and a wide capacity for side-hustles, passion projects and celebrating the mission of others. I care so much about the purpose, and heart behind these things, that I can’t help but share them with you, my people. I’m out here trying to bring the hype and cheer you on to #allthethings!

I’d love for you to click around and check out what and who I’m cheering on lately. Maybe it will strike up a conversation or maybe it will resonate in sameness with your passions as well.

CLEAN + SAFE SKINCARE | Life is too short to deal with crap & toxins. Say “bye Felicia” to messed up hormones. Nearly a year ago I decided to choose safer skincare & better beauty and I haven’t looked back since. If you’re interested in Beauty Counter, you can check out their products in the link.

SAMANTHA MOORE PHOTOGRAPHY | The camera behind this blog and the leader of my hype squad. She’s the ultimate “for you” friend and crazy talented in her craft.

A LIFE OF LACE + GRACE | A passion project by my person and the ultimate cheerleader for single ladies everywhere. Tune in as she writes her first book & shares the journey with all of us!

VERY MARY HAIR | While I adore being all dolled up, it is not in my skillset. Thankfully, the sweetest of friends has jumped in with all her crazy talent and made me feel beautiful + confident for all occasions. Check out her IG profile if you are in need/want of beauty glam inspiration.

GRIFFIN MCKENZIE | A life-long friend and my go-to, tell-me-all-the-things resource. Looking for insight on business, health, wellness, fitness or relationships? CLICK THAT LINK, friends!

HOPE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH | Our church home, where the community is deep, the preaching is scriptural, and the mission is real. It wasn’t a smooth road for me to get here, but you all, my love and appreciation for this place is on fire.